Productivity Tips From Kdan’s Managers

Imagine how great you feel when you clear your inbox, hit that last submit button, or cross off the final task of the day. What if you could get that satisfaction every day? Staying productive can be difficult, but trying new methods and figuring out what works best can help you (and your team) find a rhythm and maximize performance. 

We are always encouraging our teams to try different strategies to help us be more productive here at Kdan. We’ve collected tips from our managers to see what makes them most productive! Continue reading “Productivity Tips From Kdan’s Managers”

Finding the Best PDF App on the Market

Digital practices in business, like using the PDF file format, are becoming even more prevalent in our lives as the workplace becomes more technologically advanced. PDFs’ advantage is that they are compatible across different platforms/devices. There are many different tools available that let you manage and edit PDFs between  various devices, making it harder to choose the solution that works best for you and your team.

Nowadays, most of us use more than one device for work, but it can be difficult to transfer that information between your devices.

Before you start researching the numerous PDF apps available, here are five key aspects you should consider: Continue reading “Finding the Best PDF App on the Market”

The Best Apps For Entrepreneurs In 2019

There are only but so many hours in a day for everything you need to do. Have you ever spent time and energy trying to locate the right document, troubleshooting when certain files cannot be opened or consolidating multiple files?

Why waste your precious time figuring out which apps to use out of the hundreds available when you can invest in a suite that will enhance your productivity and creativity? These four apps will allow you to maximize your efficiency so that you can concentrate on the things that really matter.

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19 Ways to Make Your Morning Commute More Productive

We’re all about boosting productivity here at Kdan. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, your productivity never has to stop! We’re sharing some of our top hacks for making the most of your morning commute!

Of course, these tips are for the bus and/or subway crowd, and are not meant for anyone that drives to work! Don’t worry–these hacks work for your lunch break, a doctor’s waiting room, and more!

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Choose the Best Alternative to Adobe: Finding the PDF Solution that Meets Your Needs Across Device, Platform, and Doesn’t Break the Bank

The business world was changed forever in 1993 when Adobe first developed the PDF format. PDF format allows individuals and businesses to create documents that cannot be edited, making it possible to share files on different devices and platforms without worrying about content or layout changes. They also preserve annotations and comments made on documents while securing private or confidential information.

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