10 Animated Cartoon Backgrounds And How To Make Your Own

cartoon background made by Animation Desk

Looking for animated cartoon backgrounds or want to make your own? Animated cartoon backgrounds can be a cool touch to add to your Zoom backgrounds, video streams, animations, and more. They’re a huge step up from a traditional static background!

Cartoon backgrounds are popular for video calls and make once-boring remote meetings more fun and light-hearted. Your background of choice can also display your unique personality or your mood — others can tell a lot about you, just by looking at what you choose to display on the screen behind you.

Also, backgrounds can help showcase your company or own brand online. Cartoon animations, in particular, can serve as a cool backdrop for animations, games, presentations, educational videos for children, or self-help videos. Many beginner animators don’t use backgrounds, but they can really help to tell a story and provide something interesting in the background. It’s time to spice up your digital space and image with an eye-catching and interesting background!

For some unique and original user-created inspiration, visit the AniZone community, or Animation Desk’s Instagram for cartoon backgrounds in action. Check out the other creative software that Kdan Mobile offers as well on our website.

Fun Cartoon Backgrounds For Different Occasions

Though there are many cool animated cartoon backgrounds out there on the web, it can be hard to decide what exact aesthetic or design you’re going for. Ideal cartoon Zoom backgrounds or comic-style backdrops are simple and have a seamless looping background, so the animation looks smooth.

We’ve listed some unique ideas for you to search for when you’re trying to find that perfect background for different online meeting settings. Remember to look for designs that are part of the creative commons and can be freely reproduced and used for commercial purposes, or find backgrounds that can be bought!

1. Skyscrapers Buildings Background

From: vectorfree

Are you interested in a cityscape for the setting of your story? Do you enjoy the city skyline, complete with skyscrapers and rows of buildings? A cartoon city background might be for you. It can add a great ambiance and set to your workspace.

2. Background With Night City

From: HD Wallpaper

Another option is an animated background of a city at night. Everyone likes a well-lit evening view of a city, especially from a bird’s eye perspective.

3. Building Site Background

From: istockphoto

If you’re into the industrial landscape, a background illustration or animation of a construction site or industrial building might be more of your vibe.

4. Beautiful Farm Cartoon Background

From: freepik

A popular choice for video calls and animations alike, a green or natural background is always a nice setting.

5. Cartoon Winter Forest Background

From: pond5

Mostly white backgrounds produce a whimsical scene. This can be more of a dramatic background, possibly featuring winter creatures and animals of different kinds.

6. Forest Environment Background

From: freepik

If you’d like a green background but with lots of trees and forest animals, the natural forest scene is perfect. A beautiful autumn woods background or autumn landscape background can be a great choice if you are looking for season backgrounds.

7. Cartoon Background With Rainbow

A cheerful cartoon background always sets a good mood. The sight of a rainbow can help you remain positive and creative throughout the day.

8. Cute Cartoon Character Background

From: japanyouwant

This is one of the cutest choices for background with cartoons if you like kawaii-style characters. These backgrounds can be light-hearted and fun, giving you warm, fuzzy feelings.

9. Comic Book Style Background

From: Cartoon City

If you’re a fan of comic books and looking for a background for game streaming, a comic background will be a cool way to express this art form. Whether it’s a manga-style or DC Comics-style background, there’s a certain charm to the classic comic book style.

10. Outer Space Cartoon Background

For something truly out-of-this-world, try an outer space cartoon background. This could be a planet background, solar system or galaxy image. You can also mix it up with a fun martian background to give the idea of being in space.

How To Create Your Own Animated Cartoon Background

Searching for the perfect cartoon background online can be time-consuming, especially if you want it to be unique and suit your personal taste. However, there’s a way to create your own cartoon background from scratch! Animation Desk is the perfect easy software to use for your ideal cartoon background. Here’s how:

Step 1: Choose the type of cartoon you want to create. For example, do you want to try a pattern? Nature, cartoon characters, cityscapes, and more that we’ve listed above can be created as well. Some questions to get you started are: What is your personal aesthetic? What type of image do you want to portray? What do you want to look at every day?

Step 2: Once you decide what kind of animated background you want, think about the motion of your animation.

Step 3: Decide your background color, video duration, frame, and FPS. You can start drawing!

Step 4: Add motion to each frame and color them.

Step 5: Test your animation, and you are done!

Customize Your Cartoon Background with Animation Desk

Whether it’s an animation of a boy walking through a forest or a chill cityscape, there are many different aesthetics and visual effects to choose from for your perfect animation background. You can use background stock video clips, or completely customize your setup by making your own!

To learn more about making your own cartoon animations, take a look at this Udemy course or even look on YouTube for some tutorial videos and inspiration. Animation Desk and its accompanying Anizone are also great ways to get into the world of animation as a beginner. We’d love to see you share your work with us on Instagram at @animation_desk!

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