24 Best PDF Merging Software in 2024

Merge your PDFs like a pro with our 2024 list of the 24 best PDF merge software options. Improve your productivity today!

24 Examples Of The Best PDF Merging Software For Your Needs

Working with PDFs has become a daily reality for most of us in the digital age. We regularly need to edit, scan, or merge PDF documents. Without the right software, this process can become tedious and frustrating.

That’s why it’s essential to do your research on the best PDF software tools out there. This article will focus on 24 of the best PDF merger tools that cater to your specific needs. This software allows you to take multiple PDF files and combine them into a single file.

So, whether you require a PDF merger tool with cloud connectivity, free or paid options, software that enables data privacy and security, or tools you can use offline, we’ll cover the ins and outs of several software options so you can make an informed decision.

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What Is PDF Merging? 


As we’ve mentioned, PDF merging software enables you to collate information from multiple PDFs into a single PDF file. This saves time since you don’t need to navigate between several PDFs to access your needed information. You can also share information more effectively without the risk of confusing your colleagues with numerous PDFs they must sort through to find the relevant content.  

For example, let’s say you need to send a batch of reports to someone. By merging all of the PDF files into a single PDF document, you guarantee that the recipient will have all the information and won’t accidentally overlook one of the reports. This is helpful when you’re making a free fundraising guide or an employee playbook where you need to share a lot of information at once.

But to do this, you need PDF merger tools, and that’s where we come in. We will help you choose the right one by covering 20 of the best tools out there. We have assessed each option based on its features, cost, and speed.

In addition, we have categorized them according to specific needs, so you can easily browse through this article to locate the software that fits your context. 

Best For Cloud Connectivity

Soda PDF

Credit: Soda PDF

Remote working is quickly becoming the norm in many industries. Since employees work on different devices throughout the day, it’s crucial to have a central location where everyone’s output can be safely stored and shared for collaboration. To avoid all the struggles and to maintain communication with employees, most companies are using the power of technology nowadays. That makes cloud connectivity important, so we’ll take you through the best options.   

SodaPDF is a software program available on desktop for Windows and Mac, but you can also access it on the web. While both versions connect to Google Drive and Dropbox, you also have the option of saving files on the cloud, making it ideal for remote work. 

This PDF merger software not only combines numerous PDF documents into one merged PDF document but also gives you the option of emailing the single PDF document directly from the software, combining with a good email finder to create an effective and relevant email list. You can even use it offline. Moreover, it is important to clean your email list regularly in order to avoid using invalid addresses.

However, the free version has limited features. For example, you won’t be able to convert files or reorder your PDF pages. It also doesn’t include PDF encryption which could compromise the safety of your documents. 

So, if you are looking for advanced features, opt for the paid version, which offers editing options and batch processing, among others. 

The paid version provides three different pricing plans:

  • Standard – $8 per month for monthly billing or $6.75 per month for a yearly billing
  • Pro – $12.50 per month for monthly billing or $10.50 per year for a yearly billing
  • Business – $20 per month for each license or $16.75 per month for a yearly billing 

Adobe Acrobat DC

Credit: Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat is packed with advanced features that make working with PDFs simple and seamless. Not only can you upload and share large files, but you can also edit documents using the rotate, extract, arrange, replace, and insert functions to create the perfect merged PDF file.

The user-friendly interface and ability to store all your work in the cloud make this one of the most popular PDF tools. You can even transfer files with a link and access the service on mobile, desktop, or the web, enabling effective team collaboration. 

Another nifty feature is that you can merge different file types, so if you need to combine a Microsoft Office document and images, this won’t be a problem. Adobe Acrobat DC even offers security features to protect sensitive documents. 

However, this software consumes a lot of resources which could slow things down. Adobe Acrobat DC is also pricier than other options. 

  • Standard – $14.12 per month
  • Pro – $16.29 per month

Nitro PDF Pro

Credit: Nitro PDF Pro

If you’re looking for a simple tool that’s streamlined and sparing on resources, then Nitro PDF Pro is for you. With its review, edit, sign-on, and mark-up features, you can alter your PDFs as you see fit and quickly merge files.  

Make sure your work is always saved by integrating with Nitro Cloud, which makes for effective collaboration. This fast, user-friendly tool converts different file types, making the merging process easy.

Nitro PDF Pro is limited insofar as it doesn’t have a mobile app, and unfortunately, the desktop version isn’t compatible with Mac. 

You can try it for free with their 14-day trial or purchase a one-time license at $179.99 per user. 

Best Free Versions


Credit: ILovePDF

ILovePDF is an excellent free option because it includes all the features you need to edit your PDFs painlessly. Plus, it’s compatible with Windows and Mac while also being web-based. 

Compress, unlock, convert, merge, split or watermark your digital files in no time. You can even rearrange or rotate pages, while the thumbnail function makes it easy to keep track of and organize your documents. 

You must upload your documents to the platform before you can start merging, but the drag-and-drop feature makes this simple. With a click of the merge button, you’re done. Connecting to Dropbox or Google Drive guarantees that all your work is saved. 

The free version includes access to a selection of tools but only offers limited document processing of up to 25 files of 100MB in total. It also features ads which can be annoying. 

The premium account gives you complete access to all the tools with unlimited batch processing. It also excludes ads and comes with customer support. This costs $4 per month, billed annually.  

There is also a business account at a customized price. 

Combine PDF

Credit: Combine PDF

Combine PDF is the perfect free PDF merging software if you work with a wide range of individual files that come in different file modes. This software can easily convert PNG, DOC, or JPEG formats to create a single PDF with all the necessary information. You can also rearrange the pages by dragging and dropping the file blocks.  

While you are limited to combining up to 20 PDF or image files, you don’t need to install any software to use the service. Files are also deleted after an hour for added security, so make sure to download your PDF straight after it’s created. 

Combine PDF may not have a wide selection of editing features, but its simple user interface makes it great for beginners who only need to merge a limited number of documents to create the output PDF file.  

PDFsam Basic

Credit: PDFsam Basic

This PDF merging software works on desktop and is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows. What sets it apart from other tools is that you can merge an unlimited number of documents and use it as often as you like.

As for features, you can split, extract, rotate or reorder pages and use batch processing tools to manage multiple documents. 

However, the basic version comes with limitations. You won’t be able to connect to cloud storage, and it doesn’t offer customer support. You also can’t email or share the merged PDF directly from the platform. Additionally, it doesn’t provide file conversion tools, so you will need another service for this. 

Luckily, you can upgrade to PDFsam Enhanced for additional features. This enables you to convert, secure, sign, review, and edit PDFs. It also comes with OCR and costs $69 per user per year for the standard version. 


Credit: PDFBinder

PDFBinder delivers speed without compromising quality – even if you are working with large PDFs. Its key differentiator is the simplicity of the software, which makes it light on resources so your computer won’t get sluggish. You can also merge an unlimited number of documents without being interrupted by ads. 

Additionally, your original file sizes are preserved, and you have the option of rearranging the page order. Users who are starting out enjoy the accessible interface that offers the drag-and-drop option. 

On the other hand, you will have to go without rich editing features or a conversion tool. PDFBinder also doesn’t allow you to insert one PDF into another, and it only supports Windows.  


Credit: DocuPub

If your primary goals are quality and PDF file size, DocuPub is good enough to get the job done. While it may not offer rich features, it merges documents fast because the software is simple and streamlined.

Another feature that makes it stand out is the option of uploading documents in various formats. Now you can easily combine a PowerPoint, Excel, or Word document. DocuPub also allows you to compress, rescale, or resize PDFs. So, if you have specific file requirements, you can change your PDFs accordingly. 

You can even convert your files without installing anything – upload the document and select what you want to change it to. The simple interface is straightforward and provides clear instructions for using the platform. 

The main limitation of DocuPub is that a single file cannot exceed 20 MB. So, if you are a beginner working with documents that are not exceptionally large, this PDF merger tool will do the trick. 

Apple Preview

Credit: Apple Preview

If your favorite operating system is Mac, then you don’t need to worry about buying a PDF merger tool because Apple already has a free version. It’s pre-installed on your device, so you don’t need to download anything, and with it, you can annotate, sign, and merge PDFs. 

While Apple Preview’s editing powers are somewhat limited, you will be able to combine and merge PDFs with ease. Plus, you can rotate, reorder, and remove pages. However, you won’t have access to an OCR tool, and you can’t edit PDF text. 

If you only need to execute simple PDF functions, this tool will get the job done with minimal effort or investment. 

Best Paid Versions


Credit: SmallPDF

If you are willing to pay for excellent PDF merger tools, it’s important to balance cost with function. SmallPDF stands out as a feature-rich option, but you will have to spend quite a lot for the privilege. 

With this tool, you can merge as many files as you like and benefit from advanced editing capabilities. You can convert documents into different formats, secure your PDFs, and sign them. You can also effortlessly merge different types of documents, whether these are JPGs, Word, or Excel. 

And with the thumbnail function, you can easily reorder pages with the drag-and-drop feature or delete individual pages. Note that files are deleted on the platform one hour after creation. While this enhances security, it also means you need to download your merged file straight after you’re done. Alternatively, you can save it to Google Drive or Dropbox. 

SmallPDF offers a wide range of pricing plans, including a free version.

  • Free Version – You can process only two documents daily, with access to 21 tools.
  • Pro – You can take part in a free trial, after which it costs $9 per month, billed annually. You can process as many documents as you want and access additional features, such as digital deal protection on digital signatures and Strong Compress.
  • Team – Pay $7 per month, billed annually, for the option of adding users as needed with priority customer support. 
  • Business – Pricing is customized to your needs and includes a personalized onboarding program and customer contact. 

Foxit PDF

Credit: Foxit PDF

Foxit PDF is a powerful PDF merger tool that takes editing to the next level. Share, merge, scan, comment, sign, and export PDFs easily. It also comes with an OCR feature and keeps your documents safe by deleting the original document and the merged PDF after you’ve combined all the information you need. 

You also get access to a seamless conversion tool. Not only can you convert different file formats into PDFs, but you can also convert PDFs into different file formats. 

Test out this PDF merging software through their free trial, and if you’re impressed, you can purchase the Foxit PDF Editor for $135.15 as a one-time fee or $67.15 as a yearly fee. 

PDF Reader

Credit: PDF Reader

Kdan Mobile’s PDF Reader is the silver bullet that meets your every need. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows and offers robust features for advanced editing.  

Now you can mark up your PDFs, add PDF stamps, e-sign PDFs, delete, add or replace text, compress files while maintaining quality, rearrange PDF pages, add password protection, split and merge PDFs, convert PDFs and convert different files into PDFs. That’s a lot of power, so let’s look at the features in more detail.

  • Annotate PDFs – Add comments or markups for a more descriptive PDF. These annotations are also compatible with multiple PDF software tools, including Foxit and Adobe Acrobat. 
  • Merge Multiple PDFs – Streamline your documents by merging PDFs into a single file. You can also split them. 
  • E-sign Documents – Sign agreements, contracts, or online invoices by typing or drawing your name. You can even use a signature image.
  • Edit Text –  You can replace, delete or add text without needing to export the text to Microsoft Word for editing. 
  • Insert PDF Stamps – Create your own stamps or simply use the ready-made ones to communicate information that enhances the efficiency of workflows. 
  • Compress Files – Easily share files without losing information or quality by compressing your PDFs to the right size. 
  • Convert Files – Seamlessly convert PDFs to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint or convert these files into PDFs. 
  • Secure Files – Using encryption and decryption technology, you can limit who may view and edit your PDF documents. 
  • Rearrange Pages – Move pages around with the drag-and-drop feature, and delete or rotate them in batches. 

Other nifty features include inserting photos, adding hyperlinks, converting an image to a PDF, and creating forms. 

There are several pricing plans to choose from.

  • PDF Reader Standard – For a one-time purchase of $89.99, you get access to most of the features, but you won’t be able to convert files or use the OCR tool.
  • PDF Reader Pro – You get access to all the features for a one-time purchase of $119.99, but you won’t have dedicated technical support. 
  • PDF Volume Purchase – Businesses can make group purchases for 20 or more people at a customized price. This gives users access to all the features, including technical support, flexible payment options, and special pricing.  

PDF Reader

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Talkhelper PDF Converter

Credit: Talkhelper PDF Converter

This PDF merging software tool is known for its excellent processing speeds. While it is limited to Windows, it certainly doesn’t give you limited features. 

With TalkHelper PDF Converter, you can split and merge documents or extract selected pages and passages from PDFs to create a new document, all while preserving quality. Convert PDFs to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Image, etc., and convert these different file formats to PDFs. The OCR tool even enables you to convert scanned PDFs into editable Excel or Word documents. 

You can also combine as many documents as you want. 

Select the free trial to see whether it meets your expectations and if you’re satisfied, you can purchase a user license for $29.95. 


Credit: PDFescape

While the PDFescape Online PDF Editor is open-source and free as an online service, it doesn’t offer merging features. The online version works on any browser and allows you to annotate, edit, fill out, share, and password-protect your PDFs. You can also rotate and zoom in or out to view your PDFs comfortably.

The PDFescape Editor for your desktop allows you to merge PDFs but note that it is only compatible with Windows, and you’ll have to pay for this premium option. Aside from having access to all the online features, you can also edit images and text, convert PDFs to other file formats, add pages and watermarks, and compress PDFs. 

The Premium version is reasonably priced at $2.99 per month, billed yearly. You can upgrade further by choosing PDF Ultimate at $5.99 per month, billed yearly. This version allows you to publish PDF forms. 

Best For Security

PDF Converter

Credit: PDF Converter

If you are working with documents containing sensitive information that must remain confidential, you should choose PDF merging software that offers airtight security options. 

PDF Converter is a web-based tool that lets you merge PDFs, images, Word documents, and more. Its key features include reordering documents via the drag-and-drop function, and you can compress the merged document. 

But what sets it apart is the 256-bit encryption system that protects all uploaded documents. PDF Converter also doesn’t sell or share data or customer information with other parties, so you have the peace of mind that comes with serious security. 

The only limitation of this software is that the free version only offers one free merge per hour. Files are also removed after three hours, so download your document as soon as it’s ready.  

If you go for their paid subscription options, you can merge as many documents as you like and get customer support. 

  • Monthly Plan – €6.81
  • Yearly Plan – €55.01
  • Lifetime Plan – €116.82

PDFElement Pro

Credit: PDFElement Pro

PDF Element Pro is compatible with all operating systems and functions on desktop, mobile, and the cloud. It offers an impressive selection of features to edit your PDFs. So, beyond merging and splitting documents, you can also add images, web pages, text, watermarks, and signatures. The built-in OCR tool even allows you to make your PDFs searchable. 

And when it comes to security, you have access to password protection which you can add to any PDF file. You also have the option of redacting PDFs to remove any sensitive information. 

Take this PDF merging software for a spin via the free trial, or purchase a yearly ($79.99), bi-yearly ($109.99), or perpetual plan ($129.99). 

Advanced PDF Manager

Credit: Advanced PDF Manager

This multi-purpose software provides you with all the basic features you need to organize and manage your PDFs like a pro. You can both merge and split documents of any size in quick order. Preserve the orientation and layout of your PDF while extracting pages, and make further changes such as reordering or rotating the pages with ease. 

You can also duplicate pages or documents for editing purposes to keep the original document intact. And most importantly, keep your information confidential by encrypting your PDFs with passwords.

The Advanced PDF Manager is available as a one-time purchase at $39.95. 

PDF Mate

Credit: PDF Mate

PDF Mate is a popular conversion software option, but it’s also an effective split and merge tool. You can quickly and accurately merge multiple PDFs by selecting the exact page ranges you wish to combine. Rearrange the order and remove pages that aren’t necessary. 

You can also make further edits, such as changing the page orientation, adjusting the page size, or encrypting the PDF to restrict the editing, printing, or copying function. This means you are always in control of what happens to your PDFs, keeping the information secure. Easily convert BMP, PNG, JPG, and TIF to PDFs and execute batch processing. 

The only function missing is file compression, and the free version can do everything mentioned above.  

Best For Offline Use

PDF Merge

Credit: PDF Merge

Technical difficulties can rear their heads at the worst of times. If your internet connection suddenly fails, or you find yourself in a place where you can’t connect, you’ll wish you had PDF merging software to use offline. So, let’s take a look at your options. 

PDF Merge is only compatible with Android devices, but it effectively combines and compresses documents that are easy to share. You can pull information from various sources, including the web, and merge as many PDFs as you want. 

PDF Merge has a clean user interface for both the downloadable app and the website. When you upload your files, the server guarantees a secure connection via encryption, so you can be confident that other parties won’t gain access. 

The one limitation is that you can only upload files that are 15MB at most, so PDF Merge is not suitable for users who work with large files. Also, prepare yourself for ads while you work. 

On the plus side, this tool is free.

EaseUS PDF Editor

Credit: EaseUS PDF Editor

While EaseUS PDF Editor is only compatible with Windows, it remains a powerful split and merge tool you can use offline. Its user-friendly design is also a big selling point – just click “Combine PDFs,” import your files, then click “OK.” 

You can also crop or rotate the pages and convert different file formats into PDFs or convert PDFs into other file formats. Easily edit your PDFs by deleting, inserting, replacing, and extracting pages with a few simple clicks. EaseUS PDF Editor also serves as a compression tool, with the option of compressing a PDF to 100KB while maintaining quality. 

Since it’s a free tool, you have nothing to lose. 

Kofax Power PDF

Credit: Kofax Power PDF

This PDF merging software is a free download compatible with Mac and Windows. Efficiently crop, combine, and split documents. You can also create PDFs directly from a scanner or convert webpages and other file formats. You can even turn a PDF document into a fillable PDF form. 

Turn documents into searchable PDFs with the OCR function, and annotate PDFs while on the move using the mobile app. Also add protection to PDFs using the Microsoft Active Directory or Azure Rights Management Services. 

The free trial is a limited service, and the standard plan called Power PDF Standard requires a one-time payment of $129, but it doesn’t offer cloud connectivity. So, if you want access to all the features, you’ll have to purchase the Power PDF Advanced plan for a once-off payment of $179.  

Icecream PDF Split & Merge

Credit: Icecream PDF Split & Merge

Another great offline split and merge tool is Icecream PDF Split & Merge. It has four modes for splitting: delete certain pages, by groups of pages, into single-file pages, by page ranges. 

You can combine hundreds of documents while maintaining the quality of your output file. Quickly rearrange your PDFs using the drag-and-drop feature. You also have the option of working with password-protected files, and you can create your file permissions.  

In addition, Icecream PDF Split & Merge is compatible with Windows and Mac. The free version is quite limited as you can only split documents with 20 pages at most, and you can only merge three files simultaneously. If you upgrade to the Pro version for a one-time fee of $29.95, you can split and merge an unlimited number of documents and gain access to additional features such as password protection. 

7-PDF Split & Merge

Credit: 7-PDF Split & Merge

This super-fast offline PDF merger tool is best known for being up to three times faster than most other PDF merging software, and it’s perfect for efficiently breaking up larger PDFs into manageable pieces of information. 

The accessible user interface makes it easy to navigate the platform. Split, rotate, extract, delete or combine PDFs. You can extract pages based on groups or ranges, and this tool is compatible with Mac and Windows. 

7-PDF Split & Merge is also unique because it doesn’t require a runtime environment such as .NET or Java as it functions as a Windows application on your PC. It even comes as a portable version that you can carry around on a USB stick, and the current version is compatible with Windows 11. 

There is a free split and merge version which offers everything mentioned above, and then there is also the Pro version which you can purchase for €23 as a lifetime license. It allows you to split large PDF files that exceed 50 pages, and you can merge more than five PDF files at once. Other benefits include access to new updates and the ability to rotate, split, extract, or merge PDF files with no restrictions. 

WorkinTool PDF Converter

Credit: WorkinTool PDF Converter

This free, offline document management software offers a quick and easy way of merging multiple PDF files. What makes it particularly useful is that you can upload different file types with just a few clicks, or via the drag-and-drop option, convert them, and merge them in no time. You can also split, compress, and remove pages, with the option of adding watermarks.  

The benefit of using WorkinTool PDF Converter is the speed and ease with which you can merge documents, thanks to the platform’s simplicity. You won’t compromise quality or deal with the interruption of ads. Download it for free or use the online version. 

Which Software Option Hits Your Sweet Spot?

You need to ask yourself which PDF merging software best balances your daily PDF needs. We have focused our attention on software that enables cloud connectivity, free or paid, software that enables tight security, and software that can be used offline. 

We can further pinpoint the best option based on cost, features, and speed. Let’s make our final recommendations.

  • Best For Cloud Connectivity – SodaPDF is a clear winner because it’s compatible with different operating systems and connects to Google Drive, Dropbox, and the cloud, while offering a wide range of features if you select the paid version. Convert files, reorder pages, and add password protection to your PDFs. In addition, it’s cheaper than Adobe Acrobat DC. 
  • Best Free Option – This is a tough one. Still, we’ll have to go with ILovePDF because it’s widely compatible and offers rich features while also connecting with Dropbox and Google Drive. Plus, it allows you to convert files. 
  • Best Paid Option – Kdan Mobile’s PDF Reader gets first prize. It’s compatible with iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android, with cutting-edge editing features that meet your every need. The different plans are also reasonably priced. 
  • Best For Security – PDF Element Pro stands out because it is widely compatible and functions on desktop, mobile, and the cloud. It offers excellent editing features and won’t break the bank. In terms of security, it even provides a redaction tool. 
  • Best For Offline Use – 7-PDF Split & Merge is the clear winner because it is free and compatible with Mac and Windows. It also offers greater speed, rich editing features, and a portable function, which sets it apart from the rest of the PDF merger tools in this category.

Of course, several of the best PDF merging software options meet more than one of the abovementioned needs. For example, SodaPDF connects to the cloud and offers excellent security features, while PDF Reader is the best paid option and also provides users with password protection. 

Find out more about the merging capabilities of  Kdan Mobile’s PDF Reader, and even view a comparison between the mobile and desktop apps on mobile and desktop apps.  

We hope this guide has helped you figure out which PDF merging software hits your sweet spot.

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