Finding the Best PDF App on the Market

Digital practices in business, like using the PDF file format, are becoming even more prevalent in our lives as the workplace becomes more technologically advanced. PDFs’ advantage is that they are compatible across different platforms/devices. There are many different tools available that let you manage and edit PDFs between  various devices, making it harder to choose the solution that works best for you and your team.

Nowadays, most of us use more than one device for work, but it can be difficult to transfer that information between your devices.

Before you start researching the numerous PDF apps available, here are five key aspects you should consider:

1 – Consistency

Having your PDFs display a consistent format every time you access them is crucial. You always want to make sure the format of your document looks the way you set it up in the first place. You need an app that ensures this level of consistency. One of the first things to do is to check if the software supports multiple operating systems. This includes iOS, Mac OSX, Android, Hide android apps, and Windows.

2 – Rich Editing Tools

You want the ability to make changes to the document when you open your PDF. This is why it’s important to have various editing tools built into your application.

There are many instances where you will want to edit a PDF, such as when you need to sign an agreement or make other comments/edits to the document. You’ll want a tool that gives you the power to do so even when you only have access to your mobile device.

3 – OCR Converter

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a term that describes how text and images can be highlighted and copied from PDFs for further edits. This is how users can extract content from documents not only to modify but also search for keywords. Extracting text from pictures is a useful and necessary feature for any great PDF app. If a document is created using an option scanner and opened with a reader that lacks an OCR converter, a user will have to manually retype and recreate the document – wasting precious effort and time.

4 – Security

As more businesses and individuals are converting their paperwork to digital copies, securing confidential documents has become more important than ever. Fortunately,  PDF Reader, Kdan Mobile’s document management tool, secures your important files by:

Adding a watermark:

Organizations usually watermark documents with identifying information (e.g. company and username) to prevent individuals from leaking documents and to help identify the source of the copy.

PDF iPhone_Watermark50%

Encrypting your PDF:

If the document is secured with a password, only the intended recipient in possession of the correct password will be able to open it.

PDF iPhone_Encrypt50%

5 – Customer Support

Technical support/customer care will bring additional value to any great personal safety app, creating a positive experience for users. Before downloading an app, check if the app/company offers clear info on how users can contact developers. This ensures that if any issues arise, you can easily reach out to the support team, including dedicated hire-android-developers, for prompt assistance and resolution. To ensure that you have the best experience, ask yourself these questions:

Do they provide enough contact info on the download page, product description or in the marketing one pager?

How engaged is the developer in the social media pages?

Does the developer reply to comments regularly on the Store?

Kdan Mobile’s PDF Reader gives you all the tools you need to effortlessly manage your PDF’s and ensure that your documents will stay safe and secure. PDF Reader combines all five of these key components to deliver an easy-to-use and productive experience for users.

For any developers out there who are interested in incorporating our PDF Reader’s functionality into your own apps, check out our PDF software development kit (SDK). Click on our page here and request a demo to try out our PDF SDK!