Back to School with NoteLedge

Back to School with NoteLedge

Hello September. Time to get back to school! Are you ready for the new start?

Whether you are mourning the end of vacation or not, it is time to get some work done for the new school year. Let us list out ways for you to uplift your school life:

1. Know Your Way

Be on time – it’s the golden rule to be a successful student. You need a school map and a bus timetable to get you started. That’s not it, you need to highlight all the buildings where you classes will be, food court, bookstore, and all other important places. Thank goodness there’s app for you to synthesize all that info.

2. Make a Cheat Sheet

Review your class agenda could be a key factor to start the new semester off right. You don’t have to preview every chapter like Hermione Granger does, but it’s always helpful to read through the course outline before class and know what to expect.

You are overwhelmed with all the information you got. Your smartphone or tablets might be able to help you. Traditional paper planners might work, but the pieces of information can be lost in the big pile of papers. Try a note-taking app like NoteLedge to help you organize texts, images, online information, tables, and multimedia files. NoteLedge lets you put together everything into inforgraphics, digitally.

NoteLedge is available on iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

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Author: Emily Lin

Emily is the Product Manager of NoteLedge at Kdan Mobile. Majored in Mass Communication at Boston University, she has a strong passion for new media, web design, and digital marketing. She's a huge sports fan and enjoys exploring the world.