The Story Behind Animation Desk – More than Software Development

Is it possible that animation could become more accessible? You may find the answer in this article.

Animation Desk made a breakthrough innovation as it was the first animation app on mobile devices in the market.

At the time the animation market was very focused on animation software that users could only use on their PC or Mac. While this worked well in the early 2000s, another trend started to emerge at the end of the decade: smartphones. The rise of smartphones allowed any tasks that were meant to be done at a stationary desk in your home or office to be taken with you anywhere you go.

In 2009, as the first iPhone launched worldwide, the leaders at Kdan Mobile asked the question, 

Is it possible that animation could become more accessible?

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5 Simple Ways To Make Incredible Crowdfunding Videos

Creating a crowdfunding video may make your funding campaigns more successful. Here are 5 tips and useful tools to make incredible crowdfunding videos.

Business owners and entrepreneurs have been innovating new ways to get funding for their projects for decades, but it wasn’t until around 2012 where Crowdfunding really broke into the scene and created a name for itself. In 2019 the crowdfunding industry had a total value of $13.9 Billion dollars, but industry experts have said that this value could triple in value by 2026. (Source: Nature for Justice, Statista)

While it’s obvious that crowdfunding can be a successful way to raise funds, this does not mean that it will work well for any new business idea. Being able to differentiate yourself and your business is essential to gaining the attention of possible investors.

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Increase the Efficiency of your Group Project

With Kdan Mobile’s back-to-school theme “Unleash Your Inner Talent” beginning on August 15th, you can get Kdan Creativity 365 with 50% off, so don’t miss it!

Group project is a part of a student’s learning process and, while necessary, can be frustrating. Working with others is difficult to learn, and miscommunication makes this process even harder when group members aren’t face-to-face. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to integrate Creativity 365 Education into your group project and other tools you can use to stay well-connected, productive, and learning efficiently.

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5 Simple Instagram Followers Tips To Grow Your Audience

Get more Instagram followers in 2021 with these 5 effective but simple tips.

It’s a very exciting time, as most states are beginning to open up just in time for summer. For myself, summer is the time of year where I am most inspired to create, whether it’s capturing photos of gorgeous beach sunsets, baseball games, or the scenes of my neighborhood. Being able to share these posts to not only my friends and family but also to many of my followers who keep up with my content is such a great way to engage and connect with people all over the world. It’s also the time of year where I find myself most active on social media and try to boost my posts more than usual. ­Especially as a store or business on social media, summer is the best time to grow your page to reach a wider audience because this is the time when most people are out of the house looking to explore new things.

Using simple tips like experience sharing, authenticity, and trending hashtags are effective ways to reach your target audience for your business or personal brand. Reading about these tools will have you on your way to creating a real influence on social media. Also, reading about the best Instagram growth services will lead your business to creating a real influence on social media.


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Telling An Engaging Story: Write-on Video’s Storyboard Creator

How to tell a fascinating story through videos? There are several essential elements that your videos must possess. Read on to learn more.

Write-on Video for Android is available now on the Google Play Store! Write-on Video is a simple and intuitive video editor that will help you create video outlines, export YouTube timestamps, and tell your story.

There are thousands of videos being made and published on social media every day. With all of this content being released daily, why is a video still on top of every marketer’s agenda? Because according to statistics, 52% of marketers have stated that creating videos has allowed them to build better trust with their current and potential customers. Therefore, not only is creating a video is an essential way to convey your ideas, but you also need to make sure that your videos can stand out from the crowd.

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