NoteLedge User Story – Dreams from an Artistic Yogi in Andalusia

“NoteLedge has been pivotal in a number of artworks I’ve created. For example, one time I did a painting aUsing Noteledge in the studiond I thought it was finished. A couple of months later I looked at it and I had a wild idea about what I might do to it but I was nervous about spoiling what I’d already done.

What I did was take a photo of the painting, import it into NoteLedge and then sketched my idea over the top of the photo. From this, I saw that the idea would work and I had the courage to change the painting.

Today, we have the pleasure of introducing longtime user Cherry Jeffs, a UK-born digital nomad graphic designer, mixed media artist and yogi living in the south of Spain. “I have been wandering around my adopted country of Spain with my soul-mate and an assortment of digital devices since 1996”, says Jeffs, “When I’m not creating or empowering others to do so, I’m practicing or teaching yoga.”

As an artist, Jeffs is constantly jotting down ideas and experimenting with various concepts. “My notes typically combine inspiring reference images,” Jeffs explains, “drawn and hand-written annotations about colour palette, and different ways I might develop the idea I’m working on.” Knowing that a variety of tools are available at your disposal helps ease the process of creativity. Whenever an idea comes to mind, being able to instantly visualize it the way you see it in your head can be a tremendous relief. As Jeffs describes, “Unlike cork-board apps such as Pinterest or Trello, Noteledge allows me to interact with the images on the page [to] do the things I need to do to get to the point of creating something new.”

Working on a paintingThe first time Jeffs stumbled across NoteLedge was before the saturation of the AppStore when the iPad was first released. Looking for a digital sketchbook that allowed her the freedom to note freely, Jeffs downloaded NoteLedge and hasn’t looked back since.

One of the key features that keeps Jeffs coming back is the ability to customize her NoteLedge just the way she likes and to make it “really feel like something you love.” Her notebook is a companion she looks forward to opening, with the exception that it can’t get creased or lost (thanks to back-ups on Kdan Cloud!). “I think Noteledge is a great tool for artists because, as well as using it as a tool for our own creative process,” she says, “we can export the notes as single images or PDF’s to share on our blogs and social media as well as in newsletters we send to collectors, galleries and so on – so it becomes a mini-publishing tool.”

The future of creation is at the forefront of the NoteLedge product development. Just like our users, NoteLedge aims to facilitate the process of creation. We asked Cherry Jeffs what big projects she was coming out with in the future: “I’m currently working on prototypes for a fold out and pop-up artist’s book using Noteledge to assemble ideas and record the process.”

Keep on creating!

Artist's book pop up 2Artist's book pop up 1

Impressed with Cherry’s story? You can sketch your ideas and create your own journals with NoteLedge, too. Try it for free!

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