Animation Desk – Ani Meme Animation Competition

meme animation contest

Animation Desk is hosting an all-new competition: create an animation based on your favorite internet meme!

For this challenge, you can use the meme we’ve provided or create an original animation based on your personal favorite meme. A helpful tip to get you started is to pick some key elements from memes you like and create animated stories based on the images. Since this is an animation challenge, we would like to see how you transform a static meme image into a moving animation!

About memes we’ve provided

Note: Due to copyright restrictions, please do not include original reference pictures in your artwork.

So, what’s in it for you? The total prize pool is $1,050 USD. Additionally, no entry fee is required to join, and all submissions close on NOV 11th, 2022.

Submission Requirements

What should you be expected to submit? 

We’re looking for a simple 2D animation made with Animation Desk. The video must be between 5-10 seconds in length and in MP4 or MOV formats. Also, please be aware of the intellectual properties while selecting your subject or topic!

Competition Categories and Prizes

The competition winners will fall into three categories:

  • 3 Meme Geniuses will be awarded $200 USD each
  • 3 Audience Choice picks will be awarded $100 USD each
  • 3 Staff Picks will be awarded $50 USD each

Judging Criteria

  • For the Meme Genius category, we will be looking for:
  1. Creativity and thinking outside the box: how creative you, the artist, are in reinterpreting and recreating the meme
  2. Animation Technique: animation technique and skills; for example, the use of the 12 animation principles, time control, and smoothness. 
  3. Aesthetics: the visual arts; for example, knowledge and skill in character design, colors, and drawing skills.
  • The Audience Choice picks will be a popularity vote. We will host a poll on Instagram when the contest is closed; submissions that acquire the highest votes will be the winner. 
  • For the Staff Pick, we will invite our very own Kdan Mobile Development Team to cast the vote. Submissions with the highest number of votes will win this category.

Enter Now

So, how do you enter?

  1. Download Animation Desk: Android, iOS, Windows.
  2. Create your submission in the app.
  3. Upload your submission to your Instagram and set your post as public with the hashtag #Animeme, Reference: Dreamstime (or tag @polite_cat_olli_official, @kabosumama).
  4. Message Animation Desk Instagram your post link We will contact you to confirm the submission.
  • Entries close on 23:59 Nov 11th, 2022 (EST)
  1. Voting starts on NOV, 14, 2022, and voting will be held on Animation Desk Instagram

If you have any problems submitting through Instagram, please contact us.

Other Requirements

  • Kdan Mobile reserves the right to disqualify submissions that include offensive content, indecent content, or submissions in invalid formats.
  • Kdan Mobile reserves the right to cancel the competition. For example, if the number of submissions does not meet the minimum requirement decided by Kdan Mobile or if other circumstances arise out of its control.
  • Winners may be featured on Animation Desk social media posts, newsletters, or blogs. Winners will be notified before the content release.
  • Winners are personally accountable for handling any fees or taxes.
  • We will refer to the most updated currency exchange rate if the payment is not made in US dollars.

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