An Invitation to Join the Other 60 Million

Back in 2014 we had this bold idea to move every single one of our packages to the Kdan Cloud services, with a commitment to serve our customers better. We envision a drastic change in the industry and we were among those that created the bandwagon. Tech Crunch saw what we did and gave us the recognition, calling us an alternative to the substantially more expensive Adobe creative solutions.

Two months after our Cloud App Series launched on App Store in July 2015, we’ve piled up over 30 million downloads worldwide.

That number climbed up to 60 million today.

If you still wonder why others see us as the integral part of the next generation of digital content creation, we want you to ride with us.

Here’s what we offer:

Cross Platform Compatibility

Kdan apps are available on all major platforms: Apple Store, Mac App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Windows Marketplace. With Kdan Cloud, we make sure your files are accessible on all of your mobile devices across different platforms. You just need one free Kdan Cloud account.

Keeping Up to Date with the Latest Technologies

Our services are seamless with the aid of cloud services.  We are working around the clock to deliver the best experiences with the latest technology available, with no time gap. Rest assured that you would be able to utilize the most advanced technology out there with our services, whether it is iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, or the latest iOS, Android, or Windows OS.

Continuous Product Improvements

Just to name a few updates we have worked to deliver: an in-app message center that centralize all the notifications to just one place, a better file management interface that enhances your experience in PDF Reader, a brand new web clipper that better aids your editing needs in NoteLedge, the Advanced Frame Manager for Animation Desk.

PDF Reader enhanced file management interface
PDF Reader enhanced file management interface
Animation Desk Frame Manager

We work hard because we do not take the endorsements of 60 million users lightly.

A Special Prize Draw For Kdan Members


We are sending 5 beautiful handcrafted passport holders with gratitude from our headquarters in Tainan, Taiwan. The design concept of the holder is based on the famous ChiKan Tower and stone lion, which are printed on the front of the holder, embodying the ancient history and cultural heritage of the city we are located, Tainan City.

Enter the draw and win this unique passport holder by subscribing to the All Access Pack by May 31, 2016 (You are automatically enrolled for the draw if you are an existing subscriber). We will announce the winners on June 30, 2016!


Some More Information About Kdan Mobile

We’ve accomplished much so far, and here’s the list of recaps of what we have been through:


Where Are We Heading?

How are we different?” We want to accelerate the creation process for traditional creators; we want to change the way people think about being creative, especially when most people stereotyped being creative is a time sink and requires high level of techniques. We are creating contents as we live, whether it is a quick note or full document, a random sketch or complicated artwork. Kdan Mobile’s mission is to make your creating process faster, better and smarter. And we have exciting tools ready for you to discover what you really are capable of.

Kdan Cloud is not just an online hosting server or a dedicated server; it is a creative platform that provides you further online editing services, team collaboration, and communities to share your projects and to catch up with the latest industry trends. The integration of Kdan Cloud with our cloud-based apps just made it easier for you to access those stunning features right from your mobile devices. Come and join Kdan Cloud along with 1.5 million creatives around the world!

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What’s Next? You Tell Us!

We want to hear from you! Tell us what you’d like us to bring to the Kdan apps you’re using.