Plan Your Outfits and Room Decor to Sparkle the 2022 New Year

Time fly. It’s 2022 NEW YEAR! And also a perfect to redecorate you outfit and room. Read more, get your creativity tools and start design!

Chinese new year sale

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! 2022 is the Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese zodiac. The New Year affords new possibilities for a positive and progressive attitude about change whether that be for the outfit or room decor planning.

This Lunar New Year, we’re running our “It Starts with One” App Store Lunar New Year Campaign, a limited-time special offer for iOS only where you can access the NoteLedge Pro plan at $1 USD. You’ll get to enjoy all premium tools, creative materials, and 500GB of cloud storage in NoteLedge on your iPad or iPhone. 

“It Starts with One”(一元復始) means that a thousand miles begins with a single step. In Lunar New Year, we use this idiom in Mandarin with the term “one dollar” to symbolize when the beginning of a year has come again, everything starts anew. We would like to carry on this spirit and wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year with this special offer.

Looking to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and design this year? Try out NoteLedge for free to get started compiling ideas and creating illustrations and notes. 

From January 23rd through February 7th, 2022, get NoteLedge Pro at $1 USD!

Create a Stunning Fashion Lookbook for 2022

This new year you can collect fashion inspiration that goes with the trending colors of the year. Create a fashion lookbook with mood boards and sketches to organize your ideas and visualize your unique style.

With NoteLedge, you can use the Web Clipper to get fashion ideas from your favorite designers, influencers, and brands or even find inspiration on Pinterest. As you mix and match the apparels and accessories to come up with outfit ideas and create a lookbook, you can organize ideas, add notes and record thoughts.

As we ring in the new year, you can bring in the 2022 trending Pantone colors to set the color tone for each outfit moodboard. NoteLedge provides the color palettes from New York Fashion Week 2022 for you to play around with the delightful colors. Let your creativity run wild and add some sketches to visualize your ideal accessories or outfits to add a personal touch to the look.

Since moodboards and fashion lookbooks will be essential references for you to plan your wardrobe and shopping guide in 2022, you can also share your stunning results on social media to exchange ideas or showcase your moodboard with friends. The next influencer could be you!

Spice Up Your Room Decor with the Touch of a Tiger

People born in the Year of the Tiger are known to be adventurous, bold, and daring. Find adventurous accent pieces, bold wall art, and daring furniture options to use these traits as design elements when working on room decor for the New Year.

As you collect New Year’s room decor inspiration from Pinterest or your favorite sources of room decor ideas, NoteLedge allows you to add unlimited pages per project. Create a moodboard to organize ideas to plan the furniture or decoration placement in the room space on your phone or tablet.

NoteLedge even provides a series of FREE Year of Tiger materials to spice up your room decor.

  • Stickers: Incorporate these stickers in your room decor moodboard to visualize what it looks like to add some new year wall decors in your room. You can brainstorm more ideas and make purchases accordingly.
  • Tiger Print Brush: Animal prints are classic in the interior design industry to create a unique and adventurous feel to your room. Add a touch of the tiger in your furniture, wall decors or accessories. Use the Tiger Print Brush to experiment with the look and feel of your room decor ideas.

Learn more about how to plan a room decor project for your dream home.

It Starts with One – Upgrade to NoteLedge Pro at $1 USD

Getting excited to plan your dream outfits and room decor for the New Year? We know our team is ready! If fashion and furniture aren’t really your calling, you can simply make a New Year’s greeting card with the Year of the Tiger Stickers.

NoteLedge is teaming up with the App Store Lunar New Year Campaign to provide you with the New Year special offer to access the NoteLedge Pro for iOS upgrade for only $1USD for the first 30 days.

From January 23rd through February 7th, 2022, you can get started and experience all the premium features of the NoteLedge iOS version with this special offer available for download on the App Store.

As fashion company founder Ralph Lauren stated, “I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” Do you desire to design dreams and share ideas? Get started with NoteLedge today to make your vision a reality.

Author: Sierra Waite

Sierra Waite is a digital media and marketing intern for Kdan Mobile's U.S. office. Currently, Sierra studies Communication and Multimedia Arts at Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA. Her vision is to use outreach, storytelling, and creativity to connect with people through communication, multimedia arts, and writing.

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