PDF Reader is a master of mobile reading with solid viewing, sharing, and annotation capabilities. PDF Reader will turn your iPad into the perfect gadget for handling various daily tasks, and surpass your expectations of what a reader app can do.

Easy to Use, Easy to Read

PDF Reader's high rendering speed and reading engine allows users to scroll through pages effortlessly, even when viewing extra-large files. PDF Reader offers features such as tag, bookmark, text search, outline, and thumbnail to fully enhance your reading experience.

Markup PDFs and Engage with Valuable Information

PDF Reader enables you to mark up your PDF files by adding sticky notes or textboxes as well as drawing lines, circles, and freehand. You can also fill forms and sign contracts and documents with ease.

Manage Your Files in Smart Fashion

PDF Reader makes it easy for you to create, move, and label files and folders and sort them by name, date or size. Encrypted private folders are also provided to ensure the security of your files.

Turn Everything into PDFs

PDF Reader uses iPad's built-in camera to scan every object. Users can crop scanned images, adjust their B&W and exposure, and convert them into multi-page PDF files.

Create Flattened PDFs (Premium version)

PDF Reader assists you in protecting important information such as notes and signatures. Creating a flattened PDF means that all annotations in the PDF are made permanent and cannot be edited again.

Instant File Sharing Nowhere but Anywhere

Importing and exporting your documents has never been so convenient. PDF Reader provides you with a multitude of means for import/export, including MyDisk, Dropbox, Google Drive, GoogleDocs, box.net, SugarSync, FTP, WebDAV Client and Server. You can also use WiFi and the iTunes USB cable to back up files to your MAC/PC.

Find what you need in seconds

With PDF Reader's bookmark, outline, and thumbnail support, you can fetch your required content in the blink of an eye.

iCloud Support: Sync Files with PDF Reader Series (iOS&MAC)

Markup, highlight, and sign PDF documents that are saved to your iPhone and sync them to iCloud, where your teammates, classmates, colleagues, and clients can access the file simultaneously. Never be confused by multiple file versions of the same document again.