Anyone can be an animator. Any idea matters.

Animation Desk for iPad is a leading drawing and animation app that helps you flesh out every creative idea into animated figures, storyboards, e-cards, or short-length animated movies. Let your imagination run wild anytime, anywhere.

The Story behind Animation Desk: from a Desk to an App.

Realistic and Intuitive Interface

The interface of Animation Desk resembles the real working environment of a professional animator who draws on a specially-designed desk, the animation desk. To keep everything simple, all the tools are placed alongside the drawing area with just one tap away.

Animation Process Made Easy

Sketch down each of your precious ideas and transform them into storyboards or animatics within a short period of time. Create key frames and in-betweens with ease and manage them under our convenient frame management mode.

Flexible Export for File Sharing and Video Editing

Share your works with the world via YouTube, Facebook, or email. Add a professional touch to your exported animation in video editing software like iMovie, After Effects, and Premiere.

Animation Sequences in PDF Format

Convert an animation project into a series of images in PDF format, and demonstrate its motion sequence to others with our built-in PDF viewer.

Eye-catching Animated E-cards

Make one-of-a-kind animated e-cards to wow your friends. Take advantage of our dynamic backgrounds and the cutting-edge stamp tool to create even more attractive effects.

A Creative Way to Tell a Story

Got a story to tell? Make it an animated storybook to grab more attention. A perfect tool for parents and teachers.

Visualize Sound and Voice

You can visualize the flow of music and create an animated music video out of it. Or, you can illustrate the content of a talk with animation to help the audience better absorb the information you wish to convey.

Collaborate with Friends and Extend Your Imagination

Animation Desk allows you to transfer your works as packages between different iOS devices, so you can co-create an animation project with others who share the same interest.


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