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TUAW Animation Desk

"This app goes in the "I can't believe you can do this on a iPad" category. Animation Desk (U.S. $4.99) lets you create freehand animations using a generous set of drawing tools and brushes. If you have any artistic ability at all, you can create animations that look professional."

PadGadget NoteLedge

"Whether you quickly want to sketch an idea or concept during a discussion with colleagues, you want your children to be able to flex their artistic muscles or you need to take notes during a business function, NoteLedge has you covered."

iPhone Lite PDF Connoisseur

"Anyone looking for an app to help expand their iPad's PDF capabilities will really not need to look any further than the PDF connoisseur. So far this app has done everything I could have ever asked it to do and much more. There are dozens of PDF apps on the market today but none can give you the full functionality like this one can."


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